Mars in 2001 to 2002

23 Apr 2002

Mars; 23 Apr 2002, 20:55 to 21:00BST (19:55 to 20:00UT)

Mars has been left far behind after its opposition in 2001 and at nearly 350 million km distant it is nearly as far away as it is possible for it to get. It now presents a disk only 4 arc seconds across. All that can be determined is its distinctive orange colour and a slight darkening to the right as a little of the dark side is visible (the theoretical phase is 97%). The Sun shines from the left in this view (north is down and west is left according to astronomical convention).

Minolta Dimage 7, 48.8mm, afocal projection using 25mm eyepiece on 8.75inch f/7.3 Newtonian telescope. 1/30s @ f/14, running at ISO400. Scale of 0.3 arc second (= approx. 560km) per pixel. 6 pictures stacked with Astrostack v0.9 using Mean mode.


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