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Racing Shadow alludes to the cosmic event that has possibly inspired more awe and dread than any other throughout human history, that of the moon's shadow racing across the earth to extinguish the sun in a total solar eclipse. The August 1999 eclipse was the first cosmic event which I covered by e-mail, and following the level of interest it generated, this site carries on and enhances the tradition.

The sky is often alive with celestial activity, much of which can be appreciated with no optical aid other than a keen eyesight and being in the right place at the right time. I have an 8-inch Fullerscopes Newtonian telescope, a Helios StarTravel 8cm widefield refractor, a Minolta Dimage 7 digital camera and a Philips ToUCam Pro webcam. I endeavour to bring them to bear on interesting sights for all to enjoy...

Julian Taylor; Oxted, Surrey, England; November 2003

I add items of interest to this site as and when they occur and I get the chance to observe them. Please use the e-mail address below if you have any comments, or would like full-scale originals of any of the pictures on the site.


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