Here is our schedule in Libya...
23 Mar 2006-Arrive in Tripoli
25 Mar 2006-Visit to Libda (Roman city of Leptis Magna, UNESCO World Heritage site)
26 Mar 2006-Flight to Benghazi, drive via Ptolemais (Greek - Roman city), Tocra & Qasr Libya to Al-Badya
27 Mar 2006-Visit Cyrene & Apollonia (Greek Pentapolis)
28 Mar 2006-Drive to Jalu and eclipse camp
29 Mar 2006-Eclipse Day
30 Mar 2006-Drive to Benghazi, flight to Tripoli
31 Mar 2006-Drive via Sabratha (Phoenician and Roman city, another UNESCO site) to Gharyan
1 Apr 2006-Drive via Jebel Nafusa & Nalut to Ghadames
2 Apr 2006-Explore Ghadames oasis town and Roman outpost
3 Apr 2006-Drive to Sebha
4 Apr 2006-Into the Sahara: drive via Germa at Wadi al-Hayat (more ruins) to oasis town Ghat
5 Apr 2006-3 days exploring Acacus mountains, with UNESCO listed landscapes and rock art, and the Great Sand Sea of Murzuq
8 Apr 2006-2 days around Ubari Lakes
10 Apr 2006-Back to Sebha for flight to Tripoli
11 Apr 2006-Leave Tripoli for Frankfurt