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27 Apr 2006 by Julian Taylor
Re: Pictures of the desert
For those who are impatient to see some pictures of our trip into the real desert, I intend to post them, plus my diary entries for those remaining days, this weekend. Unfortunately I am back at work now and have boring things to worry about so this is taking a little longer than expected.
I hope you will agree it will be worth the wait!
27 Apr 2006 by Matthias Wagner
Re: Hi Julian
your eclipse-photos are fantastico - great - wonderful - unbelived, but where are the sahara-pictures from the sand-dunes and akakus. Today, I send you the pictures from guenther and me, also from sabine.
all the best for your next trip.
tschuess, matthias
25 Apr 2006 by Sue Thompson
Re: great journal
Just read the journal, its great!! Loved the eclipse photos. Its seems like so long ago and as Marie and I looked through them we smiled as we rememmbered the trip.
23 Apr 2006 by Heleen Bloemen
Re: great site!
Hi Julian,

I just had a look at your Lybia experience and it looks fantastic. Brilliant photography of the eclipse and an interesting location to say the least.

22 Apr 2006 by PATRICIA STEARN
Re: eclipse pictures
Using another computer with my pictures on but not your email address. I can probably send you our eclipse pictures with their details from work. They have a faster connection. We were both very impressed with your journal.