10 Apr 2006 - Sebha - Tripoli
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Waiting for the flight to Tripoli
We arrived at the airport at around 8.30pm and said good-bye to our drivers. However, Sabine would be this way again with another group in little more than a week and hoped she could have the same crew again. It should have been about 2 hours until our flight to Tripoli with Libyan Arab Airlines, but Sabine had a bad feeling about this - quite rightly so as it happened.

With the Dutch group and others turning up too it was to be a full flight, but the airline in its infinite wisdom decided to use our plane on a flight to Istanbul, so we were left with a small Fokker 28, with 75 seats by my rough calculation. It would have to make 2 round trips to get us all to Tripoli and in the ensuing shambles we were relegated to the second flight so we did not board until 4.15 the following morning.

The flight itself was a disgrace - old plane, no safety cards or briefing, uncomfortable narrow seats with a pitch designed for midgets, surly cabin crew and goodness knows how long a shift they and the pilots must have had. It would have been better to have stayed the night in Sebha and flown to Tripoli at a reasonable time tomorrow, for the destination was the international airport (despite this being a domestic flight), which we would use to go home from tomorrow anyway. My only consolation was that in the free-for-all when we boarded - no preallocated seats in true low-cost carrier style - I got to sit right at the back with a French girl who promptly lay down and went to sleep, effectively freeing up the seat next to me.

Anyway, memo to self - avoid ever using Libyan Arab Airlines again!


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