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Total Eclipse 11 Aug 1999

This was the first total eclipse to be visible from mainland UK since 1927, with the path of totality crossing Cornwall before heading on to France and ultimately ending in the Indian Ocean. Cloud cover hindered many people who travelled to the south west, but mainland Europe was lucker, as I am privileged to report.

Report from Le Havre  Julian Taylor
Link to NASA Eclipse 99  
Link to NASA / Goddard Space Flight Centre for eclipse track and parameters  
Link to Hermit  

Total Eclipse 4 Dec 2002

A total eclipse with a short totality, starting west of Africa, crossing the southern Indian Ocean, and ending in Australia. I used this as an excuse to go down under, and caught the eclipse in the Outback just before sunset. Totality was only 26 seconds but it, and the Outback adventure to see it, was unforgettable.

Report from Lyndhurst, South Australia  Julian Taylor
Link to Fred Espenak / NASA Eclipse 2002  
Link to Astronomy Association of South Australia  

Annular Eclipse 31 May 2003

A highly unusual annular eclipse, in which the shadow comes over the north pole of the Earth and just clips the Earth in a track between northern Scotland and Greenland. The Moon is too far away to cover the Sun completely on this occasion, but the Ring of Fire that is the uneclipsed ring (or annulus) of the sun potentially makes a spectacular sight as it is just rising above the NE horizon.

Report from the Orkney Islands, north of Scotland  Julian Taylor
Pictures from Talmine, northern Scotland - success... just! Yannick Blin & Isabelle Rapin
Link to Fred Espenak / NASA Annular Eclipse 2003  
Britain's Annular Solar Eclipse by Sheridan Williams  

Annular Eclipse 3 October 2005

A more conventional eclipse with a track running from the Atlantic to Indian Oceans, conveniently crossing Portugal and Spain. After being clouded out in the Orkneys, a total success this time!

Report from Oliva, Spain  Julian Taylor
Link to Fred Espenak / NASA Annular Eclipse 2005  

Total Eclipse 29 March 2006

A long duration eclipse with a track starting in Brazil and heading north east across west and north Africa, across the Mediterranean and Turkey and ending in central Russia. A stunning success as a party of us headed for Libya and the clear desert skies of the Sahara. It was an eclipse and a holiday to remember!

Report from Jalu, Libya  Julian Taylor
Journal of 3 weeks in Libya (or straight to Eclipse Day - 29 Mar 2006)  Julian Taylor
Eclipse pictures Frederic Pertuisot
Southern Comets Homepage - travelled from Australia to see the event Michael Mattiazzo
Poisaya - a short hop from France to see the event Yannick Blin & Isabelle Rapin
Link to Fred Espenak / NASA Total Eclipse 2006  

Partial Eclipse 1 August 2008

Unable to make it to Russia or Mongolia, this time we had to make do with a partial eclipse from Iceland. Only partial success owing to clouds, but nonetheless an excellent visit to the land of fire and ice.

Yellow ball Report from Reykjavik, Iceland Julian Taylor
Yellow ball Where we could have been: Report from Mongolia Mike Mattiazzo
Red ball Link to Fred Espenak 2008 Total Solar Eclipse  

Forthcoming Eclipses...

Link to NASA / Goddard Space Flight Centre for forthcoming eclipses  
Link to Hermit for forthcoming eclipses and the science behind them  


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