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Dark Sun over Libya - A Total Eclipse of the Sun, 29 March 2006

Total Eclipse 29 Mar 2006: mid eclipse

The Moon hides the Sun in a stunning 4 minute total eclipse seen from the northern edge of the Sahara in Libya. A party of us from Australia, New Zealand, UK, France and Germany were privileged to witness this event in a cloudless sky in a barren desert south of the oasis town of Jalu, a fitting highlight to an excellent visit to this fascinating country.

This picture gives some impression of the pearly white outer corona streaming away along the Sun's magnetic field lines. The magnetic poles are plain to see top and bottom.

Two minutes later the Sun bursts back onto the scene with a beautiful Diamond Ring - click here to see it.

For more pictures and a full account of the eclipse see here. I also have a journal of our entire trip, or you can go straight to the eclipse day.


Picture added on 18 April 2006

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