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Ring of Brogar, Orkney Islands

Ring of Brogar, Orkney Islands

The Ring of Brogar, on Orkney Islands Mainland. A stone circle bordered by an outer ditch, in all 130m in diameter. This structure dates from around 2,500 - 3,000BC and is a fine example of a Neolithic (New Stone Age) henge. Although not seen in this picture a number of mounds, or barrows, surround the site - it was probably used for religious ceremonies but may also have been used as a lunar observatory.

I took this shot whilst on a visit to the Orkneys to coincide with a dawn annular eclipse of the Sun. It sums up the islands nicely as we experienced them - a treeless land of lochs, low hills and ancient remains, enjoyed under fine skies.

Alas the fine weather did not extend to the morning of the eclipse - but see here for an account of what we did experience. Even though we were denied a direct view of the sun, the 5 days we spent on Orkney were interesting and well enjoyed - see here for pictures to prove it!

27 May 2003. Minolta Dimage 7

Picture added on 8 June 2003

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