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Total Lunar Eclipse, seen from start to finish, 3 - 4 March 2007

Lunar Eclipse composite, 3-4 Mar 2007

The sky over the south of England remained clear for the complete duration of this total eclipse of the Moon, the first total one to be visible since 2003. Over the space of 4 hours the Moon glided through the Earth's shadow, dimming to a dark coppery red before returning back to sunlight again.

This was quite a bright eclipse, with the Moon remaining clearly visible throughout, lit by sunlight refracted around the edge of the Earth by the atmosphere, and red for the same reason that the sun looks red at dawn or sunset. The sky became dark enough for alI the stars to come out - it was an eerie sight to see the red Moon in a dark sky surrounded by the stars of the constellation of Leo.

Click the picture or here for further pictures, a time-lapse view of the entire eclipse and some science behind the event.


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