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Total Eclipse of the Moon on Fireworks night

Partial Eclipse: 20 minutes after 3rd contact

A total eclipse but only partial success in seeing it owing to clouds that rolled in at the crucial moment! Totality itself was clouded out in Oxted, Surrey, but this picture shows the Moon about 20 minutes afterwards.

The segment of the Moon in sunlight is very over-exposed as this shot tries to capture the beautiful red light refracted into the shadow by the Earth's atmosphere. Somebody standing on the Moon in the shadow region would see the Sun totally eclipsed by the Earth, but with a fiery red ring of sunset all around it - a fine sight yet to be witnessed by anybody.

Click the picture or here for a full report and more pictures, including a time-lapse sequence of the Moon's return to sunlight after 3rd Contact.

Minolta Dimage 7 at 22mm zoom, afocal projection using 25mm eyepiece on Helios StarTravel 8cm f/5 refractor; 1s; ISO400; picture size reduced to 50% of original.

Picture added on 9 November 2003

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