Earth Treasures

Earth Sciences News

Earth Pages from Blackwell Science: Follow the New link for stories on Earth processes, climate change, hazards, fossils and evolution, etc. A good starting point because of its links to other websites too.

Location Guides: to whet the appetite

Southampton University : School of Ocean and Earth Science for excellent field guides to the famous localities from the Isle of White to Lyme Regis. The home page has an index from which you can link to hundreds of external websites covering just about every aspect of geology.

Fossils: All sorts of things that lived and died a long time ago

Paleozoic: A good starting point for everything to do with fossils.
Orders of Trilobites: everything you ever wanted to know (and more!) about these sea dwelling arthropods from the Palaeozoic era.  
Natural History Museum, London: good for all sorts of natural history, but if your interest is trying to identify a rock, mineral or fossil you have found in the UK, try the Earth Lab Datasite.  
Fossil Collections of the World: simple and rather out of date (some links no longer work), but has links to hundreds of sites covering everything to do with fossils, including where they come from, the periods when they lived, and famous personalities from the history of geology, dinosaurs and fossil collecting..  
University of California Museum of Palaentology: Discover the History of Life and take the Subway to other related websites, including collections held in other museums.  

University of Bristol Dinobase for everything you want to know about dinosaurs  

Minerals: Useful to help identify what you have found

The Mineral Gallery: an online shop selling minerals, but has a very comprehensive database - ideal for reference though the pictures are perhaps a bit small to assist in identification

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