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An index of albums covering trips and events associated with items featured in the astronomy pages within this site.

Most pictures are displayed at a size smaller than the originals to keep download times acceptable and / or keep storage costs under control. Please contact me if you would like a full sized version of any of the pictures you see.

Australia, Nov / Dec 2002
Orkney Islands, May 2003
Libya, Mar / Apr 2006: Journal of the trip with selected photos or Album of all photos [Yahoo!]

If you are looking for interesting weather and atmospheric phenomena, which by my definition do just make it into Racing Shadow, then follow this link.

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Click here for an index of albums covering trips and events that have no astronomical significance but which I would like to share with you if you are interested.

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Click here for a small selection of websites covering my other interest in Earth Sciences - minerals, fossils and the working of the Earth

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